Fred Rose, L.C. has a unique Design-Build approach. Our Design/Build team is assembled to meet the specific requirements of your entire project. We anticipate project challenges and develop solutions that meet clients' objectives and ultimately deliver high quality results. We handpick our teams with construction professionals who help you lay out your project's goals, and can anticipate the technical details and key issues before construction even begins. This team adds value to the design through constructability, budgeting, cost control and logistical input. When construction begins, the team is already on the job, ensuring that each step is executed according to plan, and that all program and design priorities are delivered.

Key Benefits
The benefits to be gained in utilizing the Design-Build process with your Butler Builder include the following:

  • Single-source responsibility
  • Project cost established sooner
  • Less time
  • More innovative solutions
  • Greater control
  • Team approach
  • More experience
  • Unequaled quality
  • Fewer changes
  • Improved risk management

The Chart
This chart demonstrates how the Design-Build method streamlines the building process and can "fast-track" your project. While we're applying for grading permits and working drawings are being finalized, foundations can be poured and decisions are being made about the building's interior.

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